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I invite you to a woman’s fascinating journey of healing and awakening the heart. Beyond all our differences we have one feminine heart. There is an ocean of love in this heart and you will find liberation in this ocean.

Hi, I’m Kristina

I’m a coach, a yogi, and a poet, who blends psychology and emotional intelligence with ancient spiritual wisdom, helping women harness the powerful feminine energy and live a meaningful life.

I have practiced Zen Buddhism, different Yoga and indigenous traditions throughout my life. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and in 1988, at age thirty-six I arrived in Illinois. I still live here in Chicago with my husband and two grown-up children with their families (including my two beloved granddaughters) nearby.

I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Clinical License in Counseling. I’ve been trained extensively in Mindfulness Stress Reduction and different trauma healing techniques (including working with core beliefs and Meridian Tapping).

What I am Offering


Would you like to build a sustainable meditation practice? Are you ready to get inspired with Guided Meditations focused on helping women connect to their heart
and feminine power?”

1:1 Coaching

My Awakening the Heart Coaching is designed for a woman ready to heal her past, reclaim her story, and awake to the new, powerful self. It’s been created as a 12- week spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

Personal Rituals

Would you like to start your day with a ritual that harnesses your feminine power, connects you with your heart’s desire and empowers your vision for a meaningful life? I can prepare it for you.

My poetry studio

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